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Our Top Rated Products
  • Point Of Sale
  • software that takes comprehensive care of all the functionalities of a restaurant outlet, ranging from steward management to dynamic menu.
  • Head Office
  • most impeccable tool to accumulate customer date, manage and track delivery, do aggressive SMS marketing, as well as man-oeuvre data from a single access point.
  • Supply Chain Management
  • this software enable you to strategically co-ordinate all your business function, ranking from procurement and manufacture to sale estimation and invoices.
  • Call Center Integration
  • Centralize solution for your outlet to handle
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  • Online Order Site & App
  • Connect your online website to our POS
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  • Universal Notifications
  • Miraculous for those who wish to be updated
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  • Loyalty Apps & Programs
  • Third party loyalty program integration and apps
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Torqus Advantage
Mobile Platform
Predictive Analytics
Intuituve UI/UX
Demand Management
Configurable Process Flow
Effective Sales Management
Happy Customers
  • 1500+ Restaurants