Suneet Kulkarni

Budget 2017
After a tumultuous year of the highs and the lows of demonetization, followed by the uncertainty of service tax, restaurant honchos were finally expecting some good news from Budget 2017. However after Mr.Arun Jaitley put forth the budget, the expectations of restaurateurs have come along with many advantages and a […]

How Budget 2017 will influence the Restaurant industry   Recently updated !

Torqus Restaurant Management Software
Opening an independent restaurant business seems like a dream come true. You get to design your own special menu, interior décor and own the business all by yourself. However things can go out of hand when you need to handle multiple responsibilities single-handedly. Running a restaurant business is as complicated […]

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demonetization effect on restaurants
One of the biggest problems that haunts restaurant businesses is that of employee theft. Restaurants lose lacs of rupees when the staff steals valuables – money, food, alcohol, supplies, equipment and retail items. It is estimated that 95% of restaurant businesses run a risk of theft by staff, especially during […]

Are Your Employees Stealing From Your Bar Or Restaurant

The food and beverage industry is one of the confronting businesses when it comes to amending their inventory control.The arduous intricacy of having to control an array of perishable components and assure that the customer service targets are constantly met means that powerful inventory management software (IMS) is crucial. The […]

Importance of Inventory Management Software in Food and Beverage industry