The Future of Quick Service Restaurants in India

Perhaps the most indispensable segment in the Indian food services space that got established and engrained as part of the culture in no time, quick service restaurants (QSR) are projected to become a Rs. 51,000 Crore market by 2021 according to some reports. As per the India Food Services Report by National Restaurant Association of India, the QSR format followed by most cafes and chains dominate the restaurant industry valued at Rs. 20,400 Crore currently.

quick service restaurants in india
With the food services sector witnessing an exponential growth as a whole in the past decade, the highly aspirational Indian audience and has readily assimilated the trend of international and national fast food chains providing quality food at affordable prices on the go. Being the brand conscious segment of the population, the youth, estimated to be 356 million according to UN reports, has sufficient disposable income and inclination to eat outside multiple times a week and has greatly contributed to making QSRs account for 70% of the market share.

Mumbai and Delhi alone contribute to 22% of this statistic. Presently, there are around 100 chain cafes and bakery brands with approximately 2800-3000 outlets spread all over the country, concentrated in urban areas. Numerous national and regional standalone restaurants have also followed suite and turned into successful chains catering to the evolved consumers’ needs.

So what is it that keeps these QSRs ticking and minting money apart from the craze around them due to globalisation? Undoubtedly, it is their ability to serve standardised, lip-smacking cuisines across all outlets, quick service, easy accessibility, and an integrated backend system (end to end restaurant management solution) that enables them to expand and grow constantly. Their ability to capture the audiences’ attention through different channels is what tips the scales.

One can positively say that the QSR culture is here to stay and will only grow bigger and better in the years to come.