What to Look for When Choosing your Restaurant Consultant?

With the restaurant landscape changing as we speak, adopting the same traditional processes and procedures is not an option. The situation becomes worse when your staff is not well-equipped or guided to take steps in the right direction.

A restaurant consultant brings credibility and new thinking to your business. You can develop new methods to upsurge customer experience and help your staff adjust to the changing market demands.

But, here, the problem is how do you find the right restaurant consultant?

To help you hire an efficient consultant, we have prepared a small guide. Dive in and read the steps.


Before you go on a consultant hunt, wait. Take a step back and define your issues. Know what problems you are facing and then move forward.

These problems can be:

  • Low customer retention
  • Low employee retention
  • Recurring poor customer experience
  • High wait time
  • Increased home-delivery time
  • Poor management of orders
  • Poor management of reservations
  • Wrong behaviour exhibited by employees
  • Once you have clearly defined the problems you are facing, you can move towards the solution, which is a restaurant consultant.


    Analyze the type of consultant you need based on your restaurant type.

  • A restaurant that needs an end-to-end business plan should hire a consultant with immense knowledge in effective planning and comprehensive execution. They should be able to highlight your brand image, offer great customer experience, and reduce errors in the system.
  • If you need someone to optimize your kitchen and bar, then your consultant should have knowledge of food and bar. They should be able to collaborate with the chef and come up with new, innovative menu items.
  • If your problem is poor management which is causing poor customer experience, then your consultant should be able to improve processes. This person should know how to streamline activities to improve time and cost-efficiency.
  • Post Informative Ads

    Once you know your requirements and the type of consultant you need, create specific informative ads. You should clearly mention the details of your restaurant such as the theme, style, opening date, schedule, type of service, etc. Also, mention your expectations from the candidate in detail to avoid receiving several irrelevant applications.

    Ensure Communication

    It is best to have a convenient channel for communication. Whether you hire a consultant or purchase software to justify the requirements, you should ensure that this setup meets your requirements of collaboration. This is necessary as in restaurant management, we require instant responses and immediate actions, which are not possible if there is a communication gap.

    Take Ownership

    Take ownership and explain your requirements to the candidate clearly. For instance, you need custom designs for your food menu, eatery, or the kitchen. The reason for hiring a consultant should be clarified beforehand.

    Other than this, it is best to sign an NDA with the consultant to maintain the total integrity of your processes and functions.

    An Automated Manager

    Hire a consultant who will implement a restaurant management system effectively. This person should know how to manage and automate your entire working without any errors. From payroll to inventory management, everything should be streamlined to improve productivity.


    Once you have assessed all these things, you would have already found your perfect restaurant consultant. To enhance productivity, utilize Torqus restaurant management software. Using Torqus, your consultant can drive growth and improve customer retention.


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