Why Service Delivery is important for Customer Satisfaction

A scenario with food service operators trying to practice cost cutting on one hand, and customers scheming to reduce their bills on the other, is one that most restaurateurs can relate to. In this battle, a business owner must look for a solution to increase margins while valuing customers. The most important focus area here – a determining factor in turning your new customers to regular ones – is service delivery.

Below are some pointers that will make or break the reputation of your restaurant depending on service delivery:

1. Mistakes in taking orders

The person taking the order is the face of the restaurant for the customer. They have a tough job which is prone to slip-ups. The best solution to making the process of order taking blunder free is by setting up a comprehensive and complete end to end restaurant management system. Not that such systems come with a ‘no error’ guarantee, they drastically reduce issues related with human employees, such as miscalculation, food wastage, inaccuracy, etc. The lesser the mistakes in taking orders, the greater the level of customer satisfaction.

2. Late and wrong deliveries

Food delivery today is not just restricted to pizzas or burgers. Restaurants serving a wide array of cuisines, regardless of the pricing, deliver orders with their own or a 3rd party delivery provider. The coordination between front-end, back-end, and delivery personnel is of utmost importance. Thus using a restaurant management solution, created to improve accuracy in order taking and tracking the delivery, can prove to be a source of lucrative restaurant business.

3. Miscommunication

Perhaps the cause for the biggest blunders, miscommunication between everyone involved in service is what results in customer dissatisfaction. Order taken may have been accurate, but the chef doesn’t follow instructions written using paper and pen, or the wait staff gets confused between tables and ends up serving a non-vegetarian dish to a vegetarian customer! Digitising such processes by using a restaurant software can prevent such public relation crisis and result in happy customers.