5 Reasons Why Customer Loyalty & Feedback Need to Be a Part of Your Restaurant POS

No matter what kind of restaurant you’re running, understanding what your customers think about your restaurant and making them your frequent visitors is the key to operate a restaurant successfully.

Growing your restaurant is a lot more than just accumulating new customers-it’s retaining current ones. Sometimes giving less importance to customer feedback can lead to a decrease in the footfall of new as well as second time customers. Customer feedback and customer loyalty Program go hand in hand. The processes of having loyal consumers begin with you pleasing your customers with the best service, understanding and satisfying their needs and eventually making them loyal to your service.

To get an organized feedback from the customers and to have the maximum number of repetitive customers; customer loyalty program and feedback need to be a part of Point of Sale (POS) of your restaurant. By including feedback feature in your restaurant POS, you can easily generate surveys or questionnaire to get valuable insights from the customers. This helps to gain the trust of customers to retain them and acquire new consumers.

Here are 5 reasons why customer loyalty and feedback need to be a part of your restaurant POS

1) Customer feedback helps to improve customer retention

Only happy and satisfied customers will stay loyal to you. Customer feedback helps you determine if your customers are satisfied with your service and spots the areas where you need to improve.
By making customer feedback a part of restaurant POS, you can create a questionnaire based on the topics you want to get a feedback on. This organized method will help you analyzing feedback and deciding your course of action. When an unhappy or unsatisfied customer encounters a problem with your food or service and you take an action on it by getting it fixed shows your devotion towards your service and this increase the consumers’ level of loyalty towards your restaurant.

2) Loyal customers increase sales & are easier to sell to

By including customer loyalty in restaurant point of sale system, you can manage all the promotional activities that play important role in retaining customers. Restaurant owners, as well as customers, can easily track the discounts, earned points, redeeming rewards etc. Doing such interesting things under customer loyalty program attract the customers and these loyal customers help you get the new customers. As loyal customers are more familiar with your restaurant they are usually more inclined to try new menu items and offers.

3) Loyal customers offer a constructive feedback

You really need to get an honest feedback to grow your restaurant business. As your loyal customers know your restaurant closely they can honestly and constructively tell you about the things, you need to improve. This feedback is very essential to maintain the quality of your service.

4) Customer feedback has become a reliable source for other customers

When you get a positive feedback from your customer, you can use this feedback to attract other customers. Giving and importance to the customer feedback is a first step towards having a loyal customer.
Nowadays people look for recommendations for restaurants and find it more reliable when the feedback is coming from the people who have experienced it.

5) Loyal customers protect the business from competition

Giving importance to customer feedback and having loyal customers play a vital role during the tough time of your business. They protect your business during the tough competition. These loyal customers will be there to give you some padding when the budgets get tight. While the new customers can easily get switched to your competitors and hurt your sales.

Always remember, customer feedback is an asset to your business and a guiding light to the progress of your restaurant business. Keep appreciating it.

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