Best Marketing Strategies to Increase Customer Footfall in a Restaurant

Food business will never go out of trend. With new restaurants having exciting themes and a varied menu, springing up in the market, it is essential to stay ahead in this competition. A restaurant’s popularity is known by the number of customers it attracts. Hence, a restaurant should develop unique strategies to stand out from the melee. So, how to maintain and enhance patron footfall in a restaurant? Read on to find out.

Loyalty Programs/Schemes

Having repeat customers is evidence of a successful restaurant. Introducing customer loyalty programs and schemes is one great way to ensure customers revisiting the restaurant. In order to increase customer loyalty, restaurants can offer reward points or discounts to returning patrons. Recognizing their favorite item on the menu, previous/repeated order, recommending new dishes and asking for their feedback on the same, is another way to help earn loyal customers for life.

Value Customer Feedback

Patron reviews can either make or break a restaurant. A number of customers read online reviews on platforms like Google, Swiggy, Bing, and Zomato before visiting any restaurant. They tend to rely on them more than feedback from friends or family. Many a time, people may post negative or neutral reviews more than positive ones. This can mar a restaurant’s online reputation. However, a restaurant can maintain its credibility by acknowledging the good reviews and replying to negative comments in a bid to address the shortcomings. Engaging in customer interaction and encouraging them to write reviews will mirror the intent of the restaurant in good light.

Enhance Your Brand Image and Presence

With everything available on the move and at a click, why be left behind? Today, many restaurants use marketing strategies to attract new patrons and retain the existing ones. Having a responsive website, getting listed on a delivery platform, organizing events, hosting office parties or community events etc. can help a restaurant increase the number of patrons. Apart from this, a strong social media presence can double up as a platform to serve and engage with customers on a closer level.

Right Pricing

Rates are another deciding factor for a flourishing restaurant business. A thorough research on the location, food cost, prices charged at other restaurants and target customers can help design a menu better. Keeping prices comparatively reasonable than the competition can automatically increase customer footfall in a restaurant.

Focus on Providing Optimal Experience

Patron retention totally depends on the experience, food, and service the restaurant offers. Making customers feel at ease, serving excellent food, staff behavior and providing a stellar experience can have a lasting impact. This in turn can pave way for new customers too, with the word being spread through the mouth or online media.
Though making a profit is an essential parameter for a restaurant business, improving customer footfall is of equal importance. After all, having a satisfied customer can make the restaurant crème da la crème.