How to Reduce labour cost in Restaurants

Restaurant owners and managers always look for ways to keep a tab on expenses on one hand, while patrons try to save as much as possible at every visit on the other hand. Although an ideal scenario would be a balance between the two, in actuality it is not the case.

torqus time management
For small and medium restaurant businesses, employee time theft is a major problem. The workforce is present for an hourly basis. Time theft manifests itself into multiple forms such as cheating the system while accounting for time in and time out, faking hours one has worked for in order to qualify for overtime, taking longer breaks than permitted, getting a colleague to punch in, manipulating the authorities, etc. This, in turn, leads to increasing labour costs and decreasing productivity, thereby affecting your margins and revenues.

A good way to counter this problem could be to integrate employee management system within the restaurant management software, excellent in tracking and controlling time theft and many more related issues – all on a single platform.

Another problem is that of overstaffing, which is often faced by new businesses. An incorrect projection of the scope and volume of services required could lead to this. Although it is better than understaffing which significantly affects customer satisfaction, it can highly affect your bottom line and margins. Also, the human factor leads to many disasters which can cost a fortune.

employee attendance system
Effective service results when processes such as order taking are digitised, and that can be achieved by installing a good and easy to use restaurant management system. Employees then can focus on higher value tasks such as brand reputation management (online & offline), running quality checks, managing customer flow, etc.

The happier your staff is, the better the service, and therefore, the happier the guest. Employees will always continue to be a vital part of your business and the introduction of a restaurant management software will only make their lives easier.