Dos and Don’ts of choosing the right Restaurant POS software.


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In today’s world, our work and leisure, more or less revolve around the digital space. For e.g. In a recent study it was found that approx. 1.57 billion people used smart-phones, whereas within a span of two years the number has reached to approx. 2.1 billion smart-phone users in 2016. These statistics cause us to think as to why we can’t lead our business as a smart entrepreneur? Here are a few dos and don’ts of choosing the right restaurant point of sale software that will make you a smart restaurateur!


1) Do: Define your business needs. Don’t: Assume your needs for the latter.

The first most important part of setting up a POS software is understanding the needs and requirements specific to your restaurant. Elaborate on key points that are necessary for your restaurant e.g. In-built cash register and accounting, creation of multiple loyalty schemes, online feedback system etc. Making a list of your POS system priorities not only streamlines your business needs but also chalks out a foundation of the system for the software developer. Software developers are also industry specific like that provides POS software assistance for the food & beverage industry.


2) Do: Find out company’s due diligence. Don’t: Rely on a single software company.

While installing POS software for your restaurant, as an entrepreneur you have a liberty to keep your options open. Especially when you are new to the functioning of a software system, you can ask questions to the software companies about the clients they provided their software services, grab their references and take a feedback about how their experience had been with the software company, whether they provide demonstrations, training and assistance during the pre-installation, installation and post-installation period and whether point-of- sale is their primary business.

3) Do: Consider the user interface. Don’t: Keep it self- centered.

Creating a product for the convenience of your customer is an art. Restaurants that crack the solution to master this art tend to be more successful than their competitors. For e.g. creating an customer loyalty app that generates special schemes for your loyal customers, should have a user-friendly approach. Issuing a loyalty card with a Customer ID of every loyal customer does make your work easy to maintain records, but carrying the loyalty card or remembering the Customer ID every time the customer wishes to visit your restaurant is an old concept and can prove to be tiresome. Thus building a platform that eases the work of both parties should be discovered.


4) Do: Plan cost effectiveness. Don’t: Sideline the buying on price.

Installation of Point of Sale software is an investment that can reap you benefits for a long period of time. With the advancement in technology, you can buy better POS software that suits the real time requirements of your restaurant. Thus low-cost POS software will only provide you with limited or outdated features. This will only make you spend more money to buy the updated features, just within a couple of months of the installation. However when you invest in an updated version of a POS software, it can easily take up to 12 hour beating of the daily business processes related to your system. In this way, even a small scale restaurant can compete with a large scale restaurant at the same given cost!

Thus now you are known about the few dos and don’ts of choosing a POS system that will help to maximize your restaurant business through an easy to use, customer-friendly and cost effective POS software. If you want to streamline your restaurant POS software in an efficient way, then you can get in touch with us through our website