Enhanced Usability with the all new Torqus SCM User Experience

Why do most businesses constantly experiment with new tools, market strategies, products and offerings, etc.? Is it because they have a personal interest in a particular innovation or is it because they have monies to blow? Every single penny spent is a calculated move in order to achieve a much higher return on investment.

torqus new scm ui and ux
Therefore, when restaurateurs spend on a restaurant management software, the primary intention is to get a bang for their buck, simplify processes, and increase profits. However, if the user does not understand the technology or how to make the most of it, the purpose is somewhere lost.

The Torqus Solution has transformed restaurant management and is the smartest choice for F&B businesses. The Supply Chain Management software with its all-new UI/UX has been designed to enhance usability and to tip the scales. The process of purchase, production, procurement, and co-ordination with suppliers has been made much simpler by organising the flow of performing tasks and easy navigation.

The Head Office Module which is a part of this offering can now be easily operated at the tip of the users’ fingers not matter which part of the country your restaurant is located in. The best part about this revamped interface is that it requires little or no training prior to use.

The business value of user experience is so colossal that it cannot be ignored. If the users of technology underestimate its potential or overestimate its complexity, the result could be a highly missed opportunity which would be the result of longer time taken to complete backend processes which would affect front-end activities, miscommunication, lack of integration, and incompetency.

The lives of those who rely on a software to reduce errors prone to human operations must be made simpler by switching to Torqus with its breakthrough technology and simplicity of use, helping you achieve a high return on investment.