How a business can benefit from the data captured by a restaurant management system: (Customer data).

customer data

It takes a lot of planning and research into understanding a customer’s needs & demand as they keep changing according to time and economic conditions. Thus it becomes necessary to understand your customer’s journey right from his needs to his preferences in the menu, the footfalls of loyal customers, their feedbacks etc. And to simplify all these tasks in order to save time and increase efficiency, a reliable Restaurant Management System helps you to systematically co-ordinate all such business functions.

Dodge the traditional method – Many a times restaurant owners get overwhelmed by the amount of data to be managed for the restaurant regarding sales, payments, payroll, accounting and customer profiling. Thus to make your job easy, installing a restaurant management software will help you manage all of these functions along with managing your Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs) and Bar Order Tickets (BOTs) and access control towards information according to every employee’s role in the restaurant. Restaurant management systems not only save time, but also save other costs cuttings such as paper while delivering you added accuracy in accounts and calculations.

Exhibit a bait – Your customer is the whole and soul to keep your business running. Thus as a restaurant owner, you need to be updated with the latest marketing techniques and competitive strategies that will help you grow your business. With an off season of the now, you can float offers, loyalty programs and messages about happy hours with the help of your restaurant management software system, which plays an important role in acquiring new customers and retain the trust of existing loyal customers.

Helps to capture customer data – The accumulation of data helps you to understand customer trends, their likes & dislikes and other demographics which you can use to boost your sales. Thus to make complete use of this opportunity, freebies like free Wi-fi can help you acquire customer information. When customers login to your Wi-fi with the help of their social media profile, your restaurant management system can acquire all the customer details like their name, contact number, age and other details. Thus this information can help you for remarketing and maintaining customer relations.

Establish a feedback platform – In a study conducted on customer behavior at restaurants, it was found that restaurants have been able to increase their returning customers by 30% by using the customer data to run campaigns. By providing your customers with a feedback platform or Restaurant feedback app, it is easier to enhance your customer experience by understanding first-hand what is going good or bad at the outlet and understanding how good or bad the customer experiences has been. Customer profiling makes the customer feel valued as the outlet staff knows his likes and dislikes before he even starts ordering. Thus with all the data the restaurant management system captures and the analytics it provides about customers and their behavior enables the management to take better business decisions and plan better strategies.

Choosing the right restaurant management system also is an important aspect for your restaurant business. Torqus provides you a restaurant management software that fits in your budget and business requirements with necessary software & hardware components, technical support, user friendliness and financial reporting capabilities.