How to control food wastage using SCM software

Food wastage is probably the gravest problem restaurateurs face on a daily basis. Studies conducted in the food and beverage industry have shown that fast-food restaurants waste up to 9.55% food, whereas restaurants with full-service end up wasting as much as 11.3% of the total amount of food purchased. With cost of food and ingredients for preparation of meals constituting the second largest expense in the restaurant industry after rent, the above percentages indicate that it can be reduced by 10%, with the help of the right technology.


The SCM or MMS (supply chain management or material management software) is an automation that can slash food wastage and result in long-term, efficient, and sustainable answer for food waste management. Once initiated, it can cut down the costs accrued due to wastage of food drastically by letting you control your inventory, logistics and also providing accurate reports and inventory management.


With the help of SCM, you can:



stop food wastage and save money

Save More By Minimising Food Wastage

Track : By granting access to multiple users across various departments in the kitchen and/or different outlets of a restaurant chain, the staff can feed into the system accurate details of how much food was thrown, why, and when. These detailed reports can be quickly pulled out. And appropriate actions can be taken immediately to stop wastage.


Monitor : SCM lets you pinpoint otherwise intangible factors such as which item was wasted on a particular day, through the week, and also enables discovery of opportunities to prevent wastage. By keeping a tab on the storage facilities, expiry dates, and other influencing factors, it alerts you and prevents food wastage.


Save : With the help of this software that provides insights into consumption, food cost and wastage trends, the restaurant’s servicing, menu, portioning, production, purchase, etc. can be altered to function efficiently.



stop food wastage using torqus scm

Minimise Food Wastage

SCM/MMS therefore helps in maximising profits and employee morale by minimizing food wastage. With the help of the learnings from this software, the restaurant can manage food inventory successfully and avoid paying for food that was never consumed.