How to Increase Restaurant Sales with Combos Offers

As consumers, we always want more for less to reach optimum level of satisfaction. As business owners, cost-saving and conservative pricing gain more importance to increase profits. The best way for both parties to be content is by striking a balance between the two.

According to a study conducted by a leading market research firm on 5000 customers to analyse and interpret combo meal purchase behaviour, consumers find such meals way easier to order and feel like they are getting a bang for their buck. It is this value for money followed by the ability to make changes to the contents of the meals, especially the side items, is what turns them into loyal returning guests.

In contrast to popular belief, combo deals benefit not only fast food chains, but all kinds of eateries. When dynamic pricing becomes a feature of the ordering process, customers feel that more options are available to them to choose from, while being competitively priced. The POS system plays a significant role in enabling the provision of such deals. The staff taking down the order can dynamically inform the customer about the additions that can be made to the order placed for marginal increases in the price and other benefits that can be availed.

The hourly sales reports generated with the help of the software can also help evaluate when what should be discounted and turned into a combo, thus driving business decisions and strategies backed with customer data.

Combos are a great way to upsell and cross-sell while keeping the profits ticking. However, investing in an end to end restaurant management system should be the first step in taking up this strategy.