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How to maintain the same good quality of food at a restaurant
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Consistency is the key feature that a restaurant must focus on. Maximising consistency, ensuring the dishes taste the same every time they are prepared in your kitchen across outlets, is of utmost importance for keeping up with the customers’ expectations and gaining loyalty. It is, therefore, essential for standalone restaurants as well as chains. After all, a Chicken Maharaja must taste the same wherever you order it.

Recipe development and ingredient sourcing are two of the most important steps in ensuring consistency. Usually, restaurants have a fixed supplier who delivers ingredients and semi-cooked or frozen food at respective outlets (if they do not have a central kitchen) depending on their needs.

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Digitizing this process by installing a restaurant management software that looks after the backend tasks can come in very handy. The software can alert the restaurant manager about the status of the delivery, which items must be used on priority to avoid wastage, when stock is at a dangerously low level, etc. A software for restaurant can also serve as a handbook to be followed by all chefs to refer to for recipes that can be circulated by the central kitchen.

Therefore, problems like chef attrition or tweaks in the recipe that can be potentially responsible for affecting consistency can be dealt with easily. Also, the daily menu or the daily specials and correspondingly any changes in the same can be replicated at every outlet with the help of such a software.

Another crucial factor in ensuring consistency is the kind of utensil used. Every bowl of salad, every pack of fries, or the amount of complementary crisps and sauces served must be standard across all outlets. When one orders a burger or a sandwich at a chain, one can be sure that the patty is weighed to exact predefined specifications.

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Apart from this, the restaurant staff must be trained under one roof so their service reflects the restaurant’s core values. Nothing can be left to chance when it comes to standardizing offerings and services at restaurants.