Restaurant Inventory Management – Simplified

In the restaurant business, inventory costs are the second largest expenses, followed by rent. However, if there is wastage of inventory in any form, it actually tends to be the largest loss. Managing restaurant inventory is extremely difficult. Unlike retail establishments, in the case of restaurants, what is bought from vendors and what is sold to customers can be completely different things.


The biggest challenge is that menu and recipe changes need to flow down into ingredients, and ingredients are prone to wastage, spoilage, theft, excess production and purchase. Another problem faced by restaurants is that products are supplied from various vendors that differ in standard. Therefore, since restaurant margins are low in most cases, inventory management to cut down wastage and cost control become essential.



torqus restaurant inventory management

Restaurant Inventory Management

Our Supply Chain Management software (can also be referred to as material management software) is the best solution for managing restaurant inventory & procurement from the suppliers. You don’t have to be a tech expert to use it, SCM is easy to use, integrate, and setup. Here are some of the features of the inventory management solution, simplified just for restaurateurs:

Cloud-based solution – helps to keep an eye on the system wherever you are whenever you want

Works across devices

Easy to add, monitor, and track purchased items

Business Intelligence reports – 100+ reports to analyse your business and take appropriate steps to increase profits & minimise expenses

Keep a tab on food wastage – know exactly where wastages are occuring and curb them

Determine food cost – calculate accurate food cost and forecasts

Manage vendors and invoices – manage suppliers, invoices, and stock at the touch of a button

Easy to integrate with other systems like POS (Point of Sale), Online Ordering Website, Call Centre Module, Apps, Online Aggregators, etc.


It is equally crucial for large restaurant chains to control and manage inventory as small independents. The SCM software alleviates all problems associated with it.