Restaurant Trends to Watch for in 2019

RestaurantThe restaurant industry is growing, thanks to rapid innovation and technology. Whether it’s online food orders, tablets instead of the traditional cash registers, or even waiters taking orders on a device, these trends have helped the business flourish and multiply. There has been a gradual change in diner habits and eating out trends, and restaurants strive hard to keep up with customer demands. With a number of people stepping out to eat, or ordering in, the restaurant industry is witnessing a continued growth.

The most popular change in the restaurant industry is mobile technology. Restaurants are incorporating mobile solutions in their business models. So be it payments or ordering food, everything today is done in a jiffy.

Enter iPad menus for ordering food directly from the kitchen. Paper menus are becoming a thing of the past and being replaced by iPads. Though not many restaurants use digital menus, this trend is sure to change the way food and beverages are ordered.

Given the stifling competition and number of restaurants sprouting almost everyday, diners have no dearth of choice. In order to appease the millennials, restaurants are coming up with unique concepts and innovative menu items.

Restaurants are experimenting with technology, from artificial intelligence to high-end restaurant software. Off late there has been an increase in the number of ghost restaurants. These places don’t have seating arrangements but only a kitchen that cooks and delivers online orders. This has also helped restaurants lower overhead cost to operate a full-fledged eating place.

According to a research institute, 2019 will witness a 30% increase in the implementation of mobile POS systems and ordering kiosks. Technology has helped restaurants streamline their operations, making them more accessible. That said, digital transformation trends have taken restaurants by storm and the change is quite evident.

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