The need for an end-to-end restaurant management solution

As exciting as it may seem, managing a restaurant is an extremely cumbersome task. The food and beverages industry can be a high-risk proposition, with studies reporting 60% failure in this business. The competition being lofty and numerous details needing attention and perfection, it is essential to find cheat codes for successfully running a restaurant.
What is (POS+SCM) End To End Restaurant Management?
Point of Sale + Supply Chain Management, or POS+SCM, is a computerised system that allows end-to-end restaurant management for any type of F&B Setup. It lets business owners seamlessly track sales, food inventory, cash flow, and accounting by digitizing all the processes involved in managing a restaurant.

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Advantages of an End to End Restaurant Management system :

The POS software takes comprehensive care of all the front-end activities of a restaurant. Apart from streamlining billing & ordering, it helps in evaluating and analysing the performance and status of every branch of a restaurant chain by generating numerous reports. SCM handles the backend i.e., organises profit and loss statements, inventory & logistics, manufacturing and CRM to name a few. It basically enables management of customer relationships, tracking home delivery, and controlling theft, wastage, and handles inventory. In addition to this, timely emails and SMS notifications also come under the purview of this revolutionary software.

This system makes it possible to access reports, dynamic data, and intelligently routing the data obtained on the go, in real-time. It provides data security, an extremely essential feature for restaurateurs. Because all the information is stored on cloud, one can work online as well as offline, thus reducing the dependency on connectivity. The system’s ability to create profiles of customers clubbed with an integration between POS and the online ordering website and/or a call centre can result in excellent customer service.

With the help of an end to end restaurant restaurant management system, petty cash can be managed, a major hurdle in running a restaurant. For those who own a restaurant chain, the software makes it possible to grant multi-user access for feeding the data under one umbrella.

Thus, installing a complete restaurant management software can help combat numerous problems associated with restaurant management.