Torqus Supports Naam Foundation


As a fast growing ‪#‎startup‬, we often go into contemplation mode and wonder about the bigger questions ranging from next sales strategy, next product USP to the meaning of life.

While doing these discussions, we wandered into the problems faced by the people of ‪#‎Maharashtra‬. There’s an extremely severe drought going on since sometime and a lot of people are facing existential crisis.

We were discussing what could we do from our end so as to contribute something towards helping them. A lot of discussion happened on how ‪#‎NanaPatekar‬ & #Makrand Anaspure have been leading efforts to help farmers in Maharashtra.
One of our team members – Saqibulla Khan took to our internal chat group and asked the team if they would be ready to contribute one day’s salary to the ( @naamfoundationindia ) NAAM Foundation.

As expected, the team responded spontaneously and unanimously supported the initiative. Without wasting time, we collected the money, got details of the foundation and sent it out to them. We really hope that this tiny help will help them bring smiles to some faces.

A small help from each one of us can prove to be a monumental aid in efforts taken by good samaritans to help people in need.
Will be awesome if you can help us to spread the word.