What is a Kitchen Display System and how it can help a restaurant’s operations?

Kitchen Display System

The kitchen is one of the most chaotic department’s of any restaurant, especially during season or peak hours. In situations like these, science and technology come in the form of a boon to rescue your restaurant from suffering any further losses. Such is a Kitchen Display System (KDS), a software solution that helps in seamless communication and management of the kitchen operations.

How does KDS software function?

This software functions on a simplified mechanism that works in liaison with your restaurant Point of Sale system (POS). Once an order is placed on the POS/Order Taking system, it immediately reflects the details of the ticket on the KDS screens mounted in each department of the kitchen. Thus a baker or chef is sure about all the details of the order like the date, time, special requests, table number, quantity and so on. In order to avoid errors or miscommunications, every order can be represented with differentiating colors depending on which department of the kitchen it belongs to. This system also streamlines online orders by integrating it with your POS system, while you get to command automatically or manually to process the codes of online orders for preparation in the kitchen departments.

How does KDS help to improve restaurant efficiency?

In many restaurants it has been commonly found that operations in the Front Of House (FOH) are efficiently managed by the staff but due traditional working methods like printing of tickets and miscommunication, the Back of House (BOH) bears the brunt of inefficient management and lengthy kitchen operations, thus making the restaurant business vulnerable to errors and customer dissatisfaction. To avoid such losses KDS software helps you to track the details of every order. When you integrate your KDS software with your restaurant POS software, you will receive all notifications and timely reports on your KDS screen. These notifications and reports determine the average fulfillment time of every order, the delays in processes and the orders to be processed in the prep cycle. Thus the figures and reports can help you to determine plans on training your staff with timeliness and efficient delivery of food & services.

Why should one invest in a KDS?

Timing plays a very important role in the restaurant business. Thus to make sure all the orders are processed within the given time, the KDS software not only helps in effective communication but also helps in increasing the productivity of the staff and employees. For e.g. if a baker or chef needs to ascertain time leakage while preparing a dish, he can verify for himself by preparing the dish in the given time frame and accordingly improvise on time management. Investment in KDS software will cost more than kitchen printers initially, however in the long run with a smart KDS system you can assure your business to have effective management with increased and save on paper rolls which lead to cost savings and an eco-friendly way of business operations.


KDS systems not only help to cap the wastage of food, resources and productivity of employees but in return helps to establish a seamless network of effective communication and provide quality service to customers, that serve as the building blocks of the restaurant business.