What is the importance of personalised service at restaurants?

No matter which industry you work in, acquiring and maintaining customer loyalty is a challenge most businesses face. It is said that automation has simplified processes and added efficiencies to many disciplines, but customer service is a domain that requires a personal touch. However, we cannot ignore the importance of tech in helping deliver impeccable personalised service. A service agent who is knowledgeable about the customer’s profile, history, and preferences, can turn the most disgruntled visitors into brand advocates.

We at Torqus believe that for a customer to feel valued, the restaurant must first make its team feel valued. With the help of smart and real-time data that our restaurant management software provides, the team is empowered with enough information to deliver excellent customer service. The customisable interface,streamlined billing to manage long queues, user friendly systems, theft control and other such features motivate employees.

restaurant personalised service
The software for restaurant helps the team profile customers while revealing their favourite orders, special occasions, and preferred method of payment, thus helping you prioritise customers and give them special treatment accordingly. It also makes feedback possible, therefore challenging the team to always strive for increasing sales and keeping customers happy. Personalised customer service is what actually sets your restaurant apart in a highly competitive industry.

In an era where access to loads of customer data is increasing with availability of superior service technology, the importance of the person in personalisation should not be underestimated. Apart from the above, it is also essential to provide a positive work environment, organise social gatherings outside the workplace and hours, reward those who motivate others, and be flexible and understanding towards the team.