Why running a Cloud Kitchen could be better than running a Restaurant?

A new breakthrough in the food service industry in India today is the Cloud Kitchen. With the increasingly mutual need for all restaurants to serve delicious and fresh food as quickly as possible and with the customers wanting everything at their doorstep at a nominal amount, the trend of cloud kitchen is picking up with lightning speed. The audience has become digitally savvy, and the traditional concept of physically going to a restaurant to have a meal has also undergone tremendous changes to keep up with the ever evolving needs.

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Cloud kitchen is a category of food outlet with or without a dining area where one can place the order online in a few clicks. The food is prepared in an authentic manner, follows all safety standards, maintains quality and hygiene, and delivered to your doorstep within the time frame as specified by the outlet. There is also an option to make the payment online to completely digitize the process. These outlets run well because their customers prefer eating at home or do not have the time or inclination to step out of their homes or offices to grab a quick meal.

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Another striking feature is the fancy packaging of the food that drives customers to order and be assured of quality. Customers also end up trying multiple different outlets nearby owing to the convenience. With relatively low pricing due to heavy savings on space and staff, cloud kitchens have become a boon for food lovers and those who prefer quality and variety.

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The backbone of outlets or restaurants on cloud kitchen is their integrated backend. An end-to-end restaurant management solution is a must that takes down the order with specifics, shares it with the chef, processes payments, tracks delivery, profiles customers, and collects feedback while improving on the same. Cloud kitchens are definitely here to stay and are estimated to be worth Rs. 400-500 Crore in 2016 according to industry reports.