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POS Software Is GST Ready!

       India is gearing for the new implementations of the GST policy and so are we! Marching towards the ‘one nation, one tax’ policy from 1st July 2017, the Central Government has proposed new tax slabs for the Goods and Services Tax regime and has subsumed many local and central taxes into one single tax. Being a restaurant owner, you would want your Restaurant Management System to be GST enabled and Torqus has just the plan for you!

        The new GST rates are divided under 5, 12, 18 and 28 percent according to your restaurant’s tariffs and turnover. In this case Torqus’ Restaurant Management System will help you to calculate the GST and the levy of taxes during the billing, thus simplifying your restaurant’s billing process. This software system is incorporated with the proposed GST changes in our Point of Sale (POS) & Supply Chain Management (SCM) based on different slabs.

        Our system will also help you with other functions such as inventory management, budgeting, analyses of stock at your standalone or multiple restaurant outlets to only name a few. You can also receive minute-by-minute status updates of all your restaurant transactions, billing, amount refunded, discount to customers or offer during happy hours in the form of notifications via e-mail or text messages.

        With the implementation of GST in the coming future, you can equip your restaurant business with our GST enabled restaurant management software that’ll provide you with automated information about your restaurant’s reports such as daily sales, income & expenses, business during rush hours and progress graphs. This software is perfectly suitable for any type of eatery or standalone restaurant or a restaurant chain such as Quick Service Restaurant, Casual Dine, Fine Dine, Bakery, Pizza Chain, Cafe, Restaurant Bar & so on.

        With our GST integrated restaurant management software at your assistance, you can now focus on ways to expand your business, while Torqus Systems helps you to ease your business operations as always.

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