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Restaurant Billing Software System in Delhi

The Delhi Belly
India’s capital city, without a doubt, has some of the best dining in the country, as well as some of the best cuisine. The birthplace of butter chicken definitely has some great taste in food, and some excellent eateries in it’s arsenal. A city of foodies and where food constitutes a huge chunk of social gatherings, it is no surprise that the restaurant culture is thriving in Delhi. For this reason, if you are a restaurateur in our capital city, it would be wise to up your restaurant game.

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In a large, bustling metro like Delhi, your efficiency in managing your restaurant can make or break your business. We at Torqus Systems aim to supplement managing a restaurant business through our innovative and all-inclusive restaurant management software. Our restaurant software runs on the most advanced technology and our wide range of features help you manage all your front end activities. In short, our system will aid in bettering your business at minimum cost.

Through an array of advanced features, Torqus Systems helps you cut your workload to virtually half, these include inventory management, point-of-sale security, billing, employee management, security control, credit and debit card processing, statistics, reporting and more. Our restaurant management software accomplishes a range of functions, including estimating the monthly budgets and costs for the inventory, maintaining records of every transaction, processing online food orders and retaining customer data.

An especially significant feature in the Torqus System is the Restaurant Billing software, taking care of all your restaurant’s front-end and transactional activities. Our Restaurant Billing System provides for all your restaurant requirements and even integrates with the latest GST-enabled software, managing all your complex day-to-day tasks related to your restaurant.

The restaurant billing software also allows you to expand your relationship with your customers by allowing you to gather key customer data and personalize the nature of your communications. Providing data and information of your loyal customers, this software is able to predict changing trends about popular items on the menu and suggest customization. This can help you customize the menu and create popular combo offers.

Our software can help lead your restaurant business to success by avoiding trivial problems and updating your restaurant management and accounting processes. Our advanced, intelligent software system can help your restaurant become all that it can be. Our goal is to change the way restaurateurs today approach their businesses.

Our Restaurant Software Features
  • Supply Chain Management
  • - Vendor Management
  • - Recipe Management
  • - Centralized order guides
  • - Sales forecast
  • - Procurement management
  • - Inventory Management
  • - Logistic Management
  • - Sales report
  • - Business intelligence report
  • - Selective access control feature
  • - Notification app
  • - Centralized ordering feature
  • Point Of Sale
  • - Billing software
  • - Order management module
  • - Delivery tracking system
  • - Cashbook accounting
  • - CRM module
  • - Customer feedback app
  • - Kitchen order token system
  • - Notification app
  • - Online ordering software
  • - Business intelligence reports
  • - Reservation waiting app
  • - Selective access control feature
  • Head Office
  • - Accounting feature
  • - Item management
  • - HR management
  • - Payroll management
  • - Sales report
  • - Edit menu items, prices, sections, tables,
  • - Call center application
  • - Loyalty campaign module
  • - CRM module
  • - Marketing module
  • - Selective access control feature
  • mPOS
  • - Online/Offline operation
  • - Real time sync with cloud, recipe management & stocks
  • - One site multiple tablets
  • - Wireless printing using bluetooth printer
  • - E-Bill via SMS
  • - Centralized master data management via SCM
  • - DSR on the device itself
  • - Required features available such as ordering/ cancel/ NC/ edit/ dish modifiers
  • - Customer loyalty and promotions
  • - HD/TA/Dine in management on a single device
  • - CRM data, Access controls, No user limit
  • - Unlimited transactions
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