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Restaurant Billing Software in Pune

A Bustling Pune
An up-and-coming city, Pune promises some of the best new restaurants and bars in the country. From inconspicuous watering holes to expensive clubs, street side rollwalas to the best dining in the state, the ‘Queen of the Deccan’ can be comparable to Mumbai in her culture of restaurants and bars, although, admittedly, fewer in number. So promising are some of the restaurants here that some have even managed to make their way to Mumbai and Bangalore. Also one of India’s leading college cities, Pune has a huge population of youngsters, leading to a booming bar and restaurant culture.

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In a growing city with a rich restaurant culture, your efficiency and effective management can make all the difference to your restaurant’s success. Pune notably has a huge college student market, who are always looking for a discount or value for their buck. Pre-planning and market analysis will help you take advantage of this whereas data analytics will help you plan offers and discounts more effectively.

At Torqus Systems, our goal is to transform the restaurant business through our restaurant management system. Our restaurant system runs on cutting-edge technology and our core features help you manage all your front end activities. In a nutshell, we offer solutions that maximize your business at minimum cost.

Our Restaurant software offers a range of features, including inventory management, point-of-sale security, billing, employee management, security control, credit and debit card processing, statistics, reporting and more, to ensure your restaurant is running well and with an increase in efficiency and productivity. Our software estimates the monthly budgets and costs for the inventory, maintaining records of every transaction, processes online food orders, preserves customer data and more, streamlining the workload through these processes.

Torqus Systems’ Restaurant Billing software system is an especially noteworthy component, taking care of all the front-end and transactional activities in your restaurant. This system also assimilates with the latest GST-enabled software, catering to all your restaurant requirements. This GST-enabled system is made to manage all your complex everyday tasks such as home delivery, dine-in management, managing tables, kitchen orders, kitchen display systems and petty cash accounting. This Restaurant billing software also helps you collect important customer data, which helps you network and interact with patrons on a more personal level. By analyzing data and information of your loyal customers, this software is able to predict changing trends of popular items on the menu and suggest customizations. This can help you modify the menu and create popular combo offers.

Our software can help take your restaurant business to the next level by revising and modernizing your restaurant management and billing processes. Ours is a reliable, intelligent product; our motivation is to see your restaurant become all that it can be and to change the way restaurateurs today approach their businesses.

It is a comprehensive POS & Inventory Management Software solution for Quick Service Restaurant, Food Chains, Casual/ Fine Dine Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Lounges, Night Clubs, Pizza Chains, Cloud Kitchen/ Night Kitchen/ Delivery Kitchen, Bakery, Cake Shops, Cafe/ Coffee Shops, Ice Cream/ Juice Parlors, Food Courts, Food Trucks and so on.

Our Restaurant Software Features
  • Supply Chain Management
  • - Vendor Management
  • - Recipe Management
  • - Centralized order guides
  • - Sales forecast
  • - Procurement management
  • - Inventory Management
  • - Logistic Management
  • - Sales report
  • - Business intelligence report
  • - Selective access control feature
  • - Notification app
  • - Centralized ordering feature
  • Point Of Sale
  • - Billing software
  • - Order management module
  • - Delivery tracking system
  • - Cashbook accounting
  • - CRM module
  • - Customer feedback app
  • - Kitchen order token system
  • - Notification app
  • - Online ordering software
  • - Business intelligence reports
  • - Reservation waiting app
  • - Selective access control feature
  • Head Office
  • - Accounting feature
  • - Item management
  • - HR management
  • - Payroll management
  • - Sales report
  • - Edit menu items, prices, sections, tables,
  • - Call center application
  • - Loyalty campaign module
  • - CRM module
  • - Marketing module
  • - Selective access control feature
  • mPOS
  • - Online/Offline operation
  • - Real time sync with cloud, recipe management & stocks
  • - One site multiple tablets
  • - Wireless printing using bluetooth printer
  • - E-Bill via SMS
  • - Centralized master data management via SCM
  • - DSR on the device itself
  • - Required features available such as ordering/ cancel/ NC/ edit/ dish modifiers
  • - Customer loyalty and promotions
  • - HD/TA/Dine in management on a single device
  • - CRM data, Access controls, No user limit
  • - Unlimited transactions
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