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  • Supply Chain Management
  • software that enable you to strategically co-ordinate all your business functions, ranging from procurement and manufacturing to sale estimation and invoices.

Making a restaurant chain run is an extremely challenging task. The numbers of processes involved are probably unimaginable by a lay person. Some common yet grave problem face by restaurateurs that often require in-depth analysis to be solved are volatile customer demand and increasing complexity of supply networks. What if there was a tool that managed the backend activities of your restaurants chain while all you had to do was click?

Restaurant Supply chain Management can be defined as an active management system which lets your innovate strategies to maximize customer value and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. It is software that lets you manage your entire network in real-time. It also lets you manage your operations at a single/multiple central kitchen level, warehouse, or store.

The SCM software for Restaurant helps you leverage dynamic information and analysis, making possible meeting with heightened expectations for responsiveness, and facilitate cohesion across all the department and companies. It is not only responsible for logistics of the entire process, but also keeps a tab on wastage and the yield of products.

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  • Loyalty program integration and apps
Supply chain management Procurement feature

The starting point of running any restaurant chain is to ensure that the provision of basic necessities required by every outlet is hassle free. Procurement, the process of acquisition of goods from an external source, is one of the most crucial concerns of hoteliers owning multiple outlets.

The Procurement feature of SCM software takes sole responsibility for this. Every franchise sends across its requirements depending on the demand via a mobile application. The SCM software then examines the Job Card or the total manufacturing order. The next step is to create Delivery Challans and print them immediately for shipping purposes. It also bifurcates the order placed by the outlet in terms of the ingredients. All of this in two minutes at the maximum!

Apart from this, SCM also creates purchase orders and fair receipts through uploading and/or downloading Excel sheets. Thus at a larger level, the Procurement feature of the SCM software lets it consolidate purchases of every franchise to generate a Job Sheet for the next day of business.

Digitizing this process has revolutionized the backend activities of restaurant chains as they prevent leakage, theft, miscommunication and other such mishaps which hinder the overall functioning of the parent restaurant.

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